Fun Facts Friday

Hooray for the weekend! This week has been a doozey. The combination of a baby who hasn’t been sleeping well, big last minute work projects and some family health stuff has left me more than ready for the weekend.

Jumping right in:

1. We are goin’ camping! I’m pretty excited to take Liz camping, even though she won’t remember it! I haven’t gone camping since I was probably 16. In fact I’ve only gone twice. Ever.

What can I say, I like beds! Soft, comfy, cozy beds.

The friends we are going with are seasoned campers, and they have pretty much taken care of all the details. It’s definitely going to be a lot of fun. I’m planning to go “unplugged” while we are gone. But don’t worry I’m taking my good camera for pictures!

2. My workout schedule is already screwed up. Such a bummer too, because I was off to a great start. First I tried to fix my strolled tire, and I really thought I had it but turns out it didn’t hold or there is another hole. Then I ended up having to work an extra two hours last night, plus I had to run to the store and pack all the stuff we need for camping. This morning I am helping my MIL out at the espresso stand, so I pretty much had no time to squeeze in my workouts. Also I forgot that I am camping this weekend… I don’t particularly want to go for a run when I can’t shower afterwards.

I’ll just have to adjust and make it work. That’s what happens, things come up.

3. Lizzy is starting to eat some real food!


She tried rice cereal.


And squash purée.

Isn’t she cute? She’s doing pretty good with the foods. No reactions or anything. She does spit most of it out. She does like the cereal. She will eat a couple tablespoons each time I feed her. I really want her to eat the veggies though. I was warned not to give her too much fruit because she will get a sweet tooth but I have let her suck on a banana chip and a chunk of watermelon.

I’m interested in the Baby Led Weaning method and I think as she gets more and more interested in food I will be trying it. We are just taking it one day at a time. Somedays like almost every day this week she is too tired to take eat anything but a bottle.

I think she must be going through a normal 4-month growth spurt. She’s very cranky in the evenings, waking up very early, and needing mama to rock her to sleep.

4. Being at the coffee stand today is awesome! Just like riding a bike. For new readers, I worked my (husband’s) family’s espresso stand for two years until I was offered (one of) my dream job, graphic designer for the ad department at newspaper. Although, I actually left that job last month, and I’m now working at a small print company as the main graphic designer and now advertising director of sorts, as I was just given the responsibility of getting the word out there! I took this job because its part time and I get a lot more time with my baby.

Anyway, back the coffee stand… I loved working here! I love chit chatting with people, sunshine through the windows, and of course free coffee!


I’m so glad I was available to help out today! Help ease the stress on my mother in law.

5. Ok last one, and this one is a conundrum… In February I signed up for the gym, they had a smoking hot deal and I got both Blake and I a membership for the price of one. Well…now they stopped offering daycare. And I no longer live near by my mama, who would watch Liz while I went to the gym.

I feel like I should be able to get out of my contract considering they are no longer offering the same services as when I sign the contract. Yes?

They did offer to let me bring her with me, but that does not sound pleasant. I’ve occasionally taken her to work and that’s tough enough. And I’m pretty sure no one else wants to hear a baby cry while they are running on the treadmill.

What do you think?

Well… That’s all I’ve got for today! Have a lovely day & weekend as I’ll be unplugged until Sunday! :)

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