By The Numbers: Weigh In 7


Another week has passed, and its time for a weigh loss check in.

This past week was actually pretty strange for me. I was dealing with serious stomach problems. It was so not pleasant. It absolutely hindered my weight loss efforts, I couldn’t eat and some days I felt so sick, I could just lay on the floor. 

It was awful. I don’t know if it was the flu, or food poisoning, or maybe, listeria caused by recalled nectarines…which I ate an entire case of from Costco. Ok that’s unlikely, but the good news is my tummy seems to be on the mend.

Surprisingly, my weight was down this week. I guess that’s a plus to being sick. 

 weight loss

Workouts Last Week:

Um…None. I started a workout on Wednesday but I was so sick, I ended up quitting a few minutes in to the workout. Not my finest week in the workout department, but my body just couldn’t handle it. 

This week I’m starting a brand new program and I’m really excited about it, I fill you in on the details soon. 

Last week I saw this article making its rounds on Facebook, and its really resonated with me.

8 Things I Learned From Being A Contestant On “The Biggest Loser

 This is written by Isabuea Miller, a former contestant on The Biggest Loser, who like most people that have lost weight, gained much of the weight back after returning to real life and a baby! 

Hmmmmm….sounds familiar, seeing how I gained weight after starting a desk job and a baby! 

Points # 1, 2, 3 and 5 really hit home with me. 

Being fat isn’t the problem. Thinking poorly of myself about being fat is the problem. 

Being overweight isn’t what holds you back from living your life: Being ashamed about being overweight is what holds you back from living your life. And once you stop feeling ashamed and start feeling alive, I promise the momentum of your happiness will drive you to make choices that allow you to become more alive, more excited, and more capable.


Self-worth and weight are not equal! The have nothing to do with each other. 

I highly recommend reading that article! Its very enlightening. Perfect for anyone in the middle of a weight loss journey. 

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Weekend Highs & Lows

Hi friends! 

I didn’t mean to take a blog break over the last few days, but I totally needed it. My stomach has really bothering me lately, so for a few days I spent my free time resting, I’m convinced my body hates me. I also took the time to do some reading and hang out with some friends. It was a nice few days. 

Let’s talk about this weekend:




Lots of delicious food! The local pizza joint has the best salad bar around and they even let you take it to-go! I could eat this salad everyday. The pizza was only “alright.” 

 weekend highs and lows

After  a super long nap, us girls headed  to a birthday party, where we enjoyed a mountain of fresh fruit. 

weekend highs and lows

Lizzy loved her first taste of a strawberry! She had an entire strawberry.

weekend highs and lows

Other highlights include picking up my pottery from last week! 

And working on my lately project, fixing up another dresser…stay tuned! 

weekend highs and lows 

It was a pretty great weekend but there were a few lows…




Finding out I forgot to water the garden….for who knows how long. Probably at least two days.

weekend highs and lows

A very disappointing dinner at really beautiful wedding venue. My best friend, Kate is getting married next year and we decided to test out the restaurant at the venue she likes. It was terrible! We’re pretty sure the entire meal came from Costco, which would be fine if actually tasted good. Neither of us particularly enjoyed our meal. My ice tea even tasted like dirt!  

I told her not to worry, we would just find a great caterer. 

The venue is in a beautiful location, but there are a ton of fires here in Washington right now, the view was very smokey.

weekend highs and lows

My heart is broken for the hundreds of people who have lost their homes this week. One fire in particular has just decimated entire towns. 

Read about the Carlton Complex fire

I think that’s it! 

How was your weekend?

Tell me about your most disappointing restaurant dinner?

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Creating A First-Aid Kit with #NeoReady #contest

Disclaimer: I  received NeoToGo complementary from Influenster for testing purposes. This post is for a brand challenge and a chance to win a prize. No compensation was provided.

When I saw one of the tasks for the Influenster TLC Vox Box was to create a first-aid kit, I thought I should really do that….and then forgot about it. Then this weekend Blake and I were at the store and he said something about a how we really need a  first-aid kit, so we headed to the health/pharmacy department of our local Walmart. 

To create our first-aid kit we decided to start with a pre-made kit from Johnson & Johnson for the basics. This little kit came with a bunch of necessitates at a great price, it was less than $10.

Here’s a look at some of the things inside:

 first aid kit

And then we decided to supplement it with a few more must-haves.


Extra {fun & larger} band-aids, a big tube of  Neosporin, NeoToGo, Benadryl (safe for kids), and Band-Aid brand Hurt Free which is good cleaning for cuts, scrapes, and burns.


I think these two items where the best addition to our kit. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve searched for some anti-itch cream only to find we are out. 


The best part is that everything still fits in the little storage kit. At first I think much of it, but I love that its all in one place. Easy to grab in an emergency and we can easily toss this in the car next time we go camping or hiking. Or better yet we should just pick up a smaller to-go first aid kit to keep in the car.


I can’t believe it took us so long to create a first-aid kit! How silly of us! 

Do you have a first-aid kit? Are there any must-have items we are missing?

Let me know in the comments if you are interested in signing up for Influenster! 

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{Feature} Friday Link Palooza

It’s Friday!!
Welcome to the …

Feature Friday Link Palooza - -

Hello Lovelies! Welcome to The Feature Friday Link Palooza! The gals from Living Made Healthy, Quilted Euphoria, Ode to Simplicity, Laura Sue Shaw,  Alex Haralson, Homemaker Hobbies and I have all joined forces to create one mega weekend party! You’ll only have to link up once to to be
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time to link up your projects!! We can’t wait to see all your fun ideas and
feature you!! Remember, you only need to link up once here to be listed
in all of the sites’ parties — but be sure to check out each site
through the weekend! We’ll each be featuring our own picks from all of
the fabulous ideas!
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By The Numbers: Weigh-In 6

Hi-deee-ho It’s time for another weigh in…and its not very exciting. I’m up 2 pounds from last week. I’ve also decided that my weigh-in day should be the day I share my workouts too.

weight tracker

Let’s start with the things I’m doing right….

I’m back on track with great workouts! I’m lifting weights, and doing circuit type workouts. I know these are the ones that works best for my body! I used Bob Harper DVDs to get fit last time and I loved the results I started to see.

I quit drinking soda. I’m now almost three weeks soda free.

I’m drinking tons of water! I feel so so thirsty that I just drink tons of water all day long. Although I’m not sure exactly how many ounces, I’d say approximately 64 oz. I’ll try to keep track tomorrow.

Things that really need improving….

Tracking calories. I haven’t tracked my food in weeks.

Eat less sugar. I’m really struggling with the sweet stuff! I love chocolate.

Take more steps. I only make my FitBit goal about 3-4 times a week. I need to get my butt moving! Even a one mile walk would be enough to get me over that hump most days.

I need to lifter heavier. I never get sore anymore. I know I could work harder.


Monday – Bob’s Beginner Weight Loss Transformation with my sissy


Tuesday – Yoga

The rest of the week……to be determined, but I have a rough schedule in mind.


Better work harder, if I expect to see any movement in the other direction on the scale.

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Friend Makin’ Monday: Home {Ephrata, Washington}

Friend Makin’ Monday: Growing Up in Ephrata, Washington

Confession: Despite the fact that I actually really enjoy doing Friend Makin’ Monday, I haven’t filled one out in a long while. But today the topic was actually my idea! It was inspired by on one my current favorite songs… (um this is the first time I’ve watched the music video and I had no idea what it was about, I just love the lyrics and melody) 


If you’ve taken part in Friend Makin’ Mondays before then you are familiar with the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links at too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to read and comment on a couple of other posts.


I moved to Ephrata, Washington when I was in the third grade from Indiana, I grew up on little farm about 15 minutes outside of town until I was in high school when we moved into town. I realize now how much I loved living on the farm, we had a lot of freedom out there. I grew up driving pickup trucks and 4-wheelers, feeding cows, raising 4-H sheep, and changing the water on the fields. As teenager I hated it because it was so far away from my friends! I often got grounded because I’d “miss” the bus after school and be forced to go to my friends house until my mom could pick me up. 

In 2008, I moved to Oregon to go to Oregon State University, but came back after a few years when I started dating my husband. I didn’t think I would want to live here, I enjoyed living in a bigger town, closer to they city but I’ve actually re-fallen in love with this area. Go ahead and blame the mister for that because he loves it here, guess it rubbed off on me! Our new house is in the same town I grew up in. I love the idea of raising my baby here, I can’t wait to take her to the same parks I played, take her to school at the same schools I attended, play sports in the same gym…its exciting for me.


So there’s my back story, now for some of my favorites things around here. 

1- The Lake! 


We have a really hot summers so spending time at the lake is a must! There are actually tons of lakes around here! As a teenage my favorites thing to do in the summer was to go cliff jumping! We go swimming, kayaking, and even paddle boarding. Tubing is also a blast, but I’ve only gone twice. There is also plenty of fishing, if that’s your thing. Blake actually spent most of his summer on house boat…how cool is that!?! 

2- Hiking. 


Great hiking spots are just a short drive away. We’ve gone a couple of times and it was so much fun. Last year, we explored some nearby caves, very cool! We have some other hikes planned, like hiking up to see the Wild Horses monument near Vantage, Washington. 


3- The top of Beezley.


Here in town we have a hill that everyone climbs and you can see the whole town. Its a short little climb (on a dirt road) to the top and its spectacular. Pretty much everyone who lives here has been to the top! We usually go up at least once a year. Its really fun to see the town from up above. 


4- That small town feel.


I love that when I go to the grocery store, I know the cashier because I used to babysit her kids! I see my old teachers out and about and they remember my name! (how is this possible?) Everyone knows my father-in-law….seriously, everyone. I know at least 10 people who live on my street and its only about 3 blocks long. I can literally walk everywhere. I live on the edge of town and everything is less than 3 miles away. 


5- Variety. 


There is a little bit of everything here in Washington. We technically live in a desert but on clear day we can see the Cascades and if you drive about an hour way you will find yourself in a giant forest. We have hay fields planted right next to orchards, surrounded by vineyards! If I felt like it, I could drive a few short hours to the ocean. I’ve explored one of the most exciting cities in the county, many times. I’ve also sat b a bonfire in the middle of no-where. I love Washington. Its a great place to live.




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My Weekend & Recent Sweat Sessions

Why hello friends! How was your weekend? Mine was actually pretty great, I did a lot of fun stuff but sadly I did not take any pictures! I’m a lousy blogger.

On Friday evening, I went out for dinner with my sister and best friend! We had Vietnamese food and it was delicious, as always. As we were leaving we drove past an art store/gallery place where you paint pottery. They were having “paint until you faint” night, and open until midnight. We stayed all night and had a ton of fun! We can pick up our pieces next week, I’ll definitely show you a picture!

Saturday was HOT! My sister and I took Lizzy to the community pool for a nice cool dip. Lizzy wasn’t excited at first, the water was a little on the chilly side but after a few minutes she was having fun splashing and jumping. Later, the three of us went to visit my mom and took her out for dinner! We had great time.

Today we spent the day at home and had some friends over for dinner. I made a really yummy pulled pork in the crock pot, using this recipe from 100 Days of Real Food. It was really good, after shredding the meat I let it sit in the juices for a while but then I scooped all the liquid out and added a little bit of BBQ. It was perfect.

This week was a pretty successful one in terms of working on some of bad habits. I had a couple of great workouts!

Monday: 10 min warm up on the treadmill (walk 2 mins/run 8) weight circuit (3 sets of 12 of each) dumbbell squats & push-ups, butt lifts on balance ball & thoracic front pulls, reverse crunches


Wednesday: 1 mile warmup on the treadmill and the same weight circuit as Monday.

Thursday: off

Friday: Bob Harper’s Beginner Weight Loss Transformation DVD.


I didn’t work out this weekend but I did hit my steps on my FitBit today and I’m pretty sure I would have hit it yesterday if I had worn it all day! I took it off at the pool, I was sure if it was safe to wear in the pool but it is.

I’m also planning to hit the gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The days that Lizzy is with her Nana. Right now I think that three times a week is a great starting point. The stroller is fixed, early morning walks are in certainly in order!

Here’s to a great week!

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Friday Link (Party) Palooza

Hi friends! I’m co-hosting a link up again this week! So link up your best recipes, workouts, craft projects or home improvement projects! Anything & Everything is welcome! 

Feature Friday Link Palooza - -
 Welcome to The Feature Friday Link Palooza! The gals from Living Made Healthy, Quilted Euphoria, Ode to Simplicity, Laura Sue Shaw,  Alex Haralson, Homemaker Hobbies and I have all joined forces to create one mega weekend party! You’ll only have to link up once to to be listed on all seven sites, and each of us will choose our own projects to feature throughout the week! So be sure to check with each site to see which of the amazing ideas were featured!

It’s time to link up your projects!! We can’t wait to see all your fun ideas and feature you!! Remember, you only need to link up once here to be listed in all of the sites’ parties — but be sure to check out each site through the weekend! We’ll each be featuring our own picks from all of the fabulous ideas!

Please visit and comment on TWO links above you and TWO links below you — in addition to any others that you want to visit.

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5 Months Old

Well well, Miss Elizabeth is now 5 months old! Actually, I’m a few days late with this update.

Lizzy 5  months

She’s just so much stinkin’ fun! She’s a very very happy baby. Always has a big grin. She laughs a lot and babbles a lot and slobbers a lot!

I have no idea how much she weighs or how long she is now. She’s definitely getting a little bigger. She still wears some 0-3 month clothes and they fit just fine, but I’m also putting her in 3-6 month clothes. She getting some rolls on her thighs now, its pretty cute (until someone make a comment about her having big thigh like her mama…its happened. ugh.).

Again she is ALL about playing and moving around. She’s very mobile for a tiny human that can’t crawl, walk, or even sit up! If she sees something she wants she just rolls and rolls until she gets to it. Its pretty funny. She also does the inch worm all over the place. She gets up on her knees and the falls over. 

She loves her toys! Especially this little rubber Peter Rabbit teething toy.


This month she also got one of those exersaucer toys from my friend, Tara! She loves it, even though she can’t actually make it bounce. She also has a different kind of jumper toy at her Nana’s house that she can bounce and she just has a blast playing in it.

She’s tried rice cereal and squash puree.


I think she likes it, but she’s not eating it consistently. I try to give it to her every evening but most of the time she just wants a bottle. I’m not worried about it because I’m more interested in her eating real food when she is ready rather icky rice goob. I should have just waited until she’s ready rather than give her the purees and cereal. (This is called Baby Led Weaning)


Whew, falling sleeping has been pretty rough lately. She doesn’t always take a long afternoon nap so then she gets really, really tired and starts crying. Pretty much every night she cries and cries until she finally falls asleep. Unless she falls asleep when she’s taking a bottle. She definitely gets cranky when she is tired.

When she does fall asleep she’s been sleeping pretty good. She usually sleeps from 7:30-8pm until 4:00am, takes 4 oz of formula and goes back to sleep. Then she usually wakes up between 7-8am.I can always tell if she got enough sleep because she will wake up happy and giggling, if she wakes up crying then she is still tired.


In the morning she usually takes at least an hour nap 2-3 hours after she wakes up. In the afternoon is seems like she usually takes short naps. She’s with a babysitter, Nana or my friend Tara in the afternoon, so it kind of depends on what’s happening around her. She always always falls asleep in the car on the way home.

Hopefully we can get our nighttime to go a little more smoothly. I will say that I’ve stopped giving her a bath before bed, she loves the bath so much that she just doesn’t seem to settle down after being in the tub.

Best Friends.
The newest development is that Lizzy absolutely LOVES Kia.


Kia has been spending more time in the house lately, since its pretty hot outside. Liz doesn’t mind one bit. If Kia is in the house, Lizzy has her eyes on her. If Kia comes in and doesn’t say hi to her Lizzy will start hollering!


She rolls over and tries to get Kia. Its really so cute.


Thankfully, Kia is pretty gentle with her. She licks her all over, its so gross but Liz doesn’t mind. She lets her pet her and pull on her fur.


Kia is even a little bit protective of her, when I go to pick up Lizzy, Kia gets in my way. She’s so silly. I do have to remind her to be gentle sometimes, which is a command KIa actually know and does well. If I’m giving her a treat and say gentle she will just lightly take it from me. Kia is just a big dog who likes to think she is a small dog!

This month was just a fun one. She’s one fun, happy Little Lady! I’m getting a little bit excited for her to start crawling soon!


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By The Numbers: Weight Loss Week 5

I guess I better update you on my weight loss, I’ve kind of been avoid it. Technically this week should be my 5th weigh-in…..I think. I lost track.

I lost track because I’ve had zero movement on the scale. In the first week I lost 1 pound and that’s exactly where I’ve stayed over the last few weeks. The reason I’ve been avoiding writing this….

Until today, the scale finally moved!

weight tracker

Three pounds down and a lot more to go.

I know that I really haven’t been making weight loss a priority, I’ve really struggled with getting motivated, those first steps are hard. However, I’m getting there. I’m focusing on my two worst habits or at least the ones that drive me the most nuts.

First, I’m drinking lots of water. I’ve been soda free for over a week, which is pretty good considering I was drinking multiple Dr. Peppers a day. My number one trick is ice. If I put ice in my water at work, I drink it. What an easy fix.

The second thing is getting my booty to the gym. I have really started to feel guilty that I’m paying for a gym membership that hasn’t been getting used. I packed a gym bag and went to the gym yesterday after work. It felt miserable and I pretty much hated every second of it. But you know what? Today, I feel great about the fact that I went! I’m a little sore, and I love it. I’m going back tomorrow. I asked my mother-in-law to keep Lizzy an extra hour on the days she watches her, and of course, she said no problem. So no excuses.

I’m working on it. Three pounds down, a lot more to go.

What’s your worst bad habit?

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